Friday, September 4, 2009

Harvey Milk Day Passes Assembly - Call Gov to Veto!

From BeetleBlogger:

Today SB 572 passed the Assembly and now goes to the State Senate for a quick concurrence vote, then to Governor Schwarzenegger for his signature or veto. He vetoed Harvey Milk Day last year, but it’s unknown what he’ll do this year.

SB 572 will declare every May 22 Harvey Milk Day in California. Milk was a San Francisco county supervisor and homosexual activists. According to SB 572, school children will learn about and honor Milk at school every May 22. There is hope that Governor Schwarzenegger could veto this bill again this year.

It is crucial that you contact Governor Schwarzenegger and urge him to veto SB 572!

Governor Schwarzenegger (916) 445-2841

Read SB 572

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Get Political with "Hubby Hubby"

Hey, folks!

Well, it looks like our favorite Vermont ice cream makers couldn't resist getting involved in the political fray.

In honor of Vermont couples being allowed to wed as of yesterday, Ben & Jerry's redubbed its popular flavor Chubby Hubby to - you guessed it - Hubby Hubby.

From their Web site:

In partnership with Freedom to Marry we are gathered here to celebrate Vermont and all the other great states where loving couples of all kinds are free to marry legally. We have ceremoniously dubbed our iconic flavor, Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby in support, and to raise awareness of the importance of marriage equality. Check out our press release.

If you live in Vermont, or visiting, you’re invited to celebrate the pride-filled occasion with an all naturally fabulous union of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough ice cream, fudge
and pretzels. Enjoy our Hubby Hubby Sundae for the month of September in participating Vermont Scoop Shops!
Thanks, but I'll pass. As much as I love me some Ben & Jerry's, I think my Cherry Garcia-eating days are done. I'm not a big boycotter by nature, but at the same time, I get squeamish at the thought of supporting businesses that throw their weight and their money behind causes diametrically opposed to my beliefs. Granted, I guess I cherrypick a little - after all, I still have my Disneyland pass, and they're hugely pro-gay rights - but still. Ben & Jerry's is one brand I can live without.

P.S.: If you want to make your voice heard, you can drop Ben and Jerry a line at