Friday, January 23, 2009

Tom Hanks apologizes for "un-American" Mormon comment

Tom Hanks has softened his stance on the "un-American"ness of Mormons' donations to pass Prop. 8.

Through a representative, Hanks told

Last week, I labeled members of the Mormon church who supported California's Proposition 8 as "un-American." I believe Proposition 8 is counter to the promise of our Constitution; it is codified discrimination. But everyone has a right to vote their conscience – nothing could be more American. To say members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who contributed to Proposition 8 are "un-American" creates more division when the time calls for respectful disagreement. No one should use "un- American" lightly or in haste. I did. I should not have. Sincerely, Tom Hanks.
Thanks, Tom. We still love you - after all, we agree that all have the right to vote their conscience, regardless of whether or not we agree with it.


Chairm said...

It is a softening but it is not an apology.

He stil did not correct the 3 falsehoods he voiced forth in tne first sentence of his original remark.

The Constitution codifies discrimination, sure, but not the kind that Hanks imagines. Maybe his representative can try again.

Anonymous said...

It's a step in the right direction I suppose.

Euripides said...

It's an actual apology. Most liberals would say something like: "I'm sorry if someone was offended." It's refreshing to hear someone actually say, "I was wrong."

Liberty Belle said...

It just goes to show what good making a stink does. If no one had bothered to spread the news on this one, who would have bothered with an apology?