Monday, August 3, 2009

Harvey Milk Day is still in debate

Evidently, the Harvey Milk Day debate is not over. If you want background on the bill that sets gay activist/politician Harvey Milk on par with Washington, Lincoln and Dr. King with a spotlighted Gay Day in our schools, check out BeetleBabee's writeup here.

If you would like to block this legislation, please take time to make a phone call. It took me two tries to connect and then it took only about 30 seconds to complete. Call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at 916-445-2841. Listen to the recorded message and push enter in the following order:
  • 1 (English)

  • 2 (legislation)

  • 1 (SB572)

  • 2 (against)
We're fighting against a case of a silent majority here. According to, a recent poll found only 1 out of 5 Californians want a statewide “day of significance” honoring Harvey Milk.

If those 4 out of 5 who don't want it keep quiet, then a gay day will become a part of the standardized curriculum in our great state. Let's not let apathy win here!


Chase Anderson said...

Awesome, Christa. Just did it, took me less than 30 seconds.

Dominique Wynand said...

Thanks for all the tips on the calling system!

Anonymous said...

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