Friday, March 13, 2009

BREAKING: Obama admin. sets pro-gay marriage and abortion agenda at UN TODAY

My blogging buddy Liberty Belle alerted me to the latest attack on conservative values from the Obama administration: the U.S. delegation to the UN is about to approve language in a UN document that goes against national law and against President Obama’s publicly proclaimed stance on gay marriage.

This is one to make a noise on!

Call/email/write your congressman:

Ask them to oppose the CSW Resolution on HIV/AIDS. Ask them if this wording by the U.S. delegation is approved by the United States and why they are trying to sneak it past us in bypassing our system of laws. This wording proposed by our delegation to the U.N. goes against our own country’s laws!

Make sure this doesn’t get past us!

Although U.N. resolutions are non-binding, having this on the books will come back to bite us. It charts the course for hundreds of nations and pushes us further down the slippery slope into moral decay on a global scale.

See this from United Families International who is actually AT the United Nations today fighting to stop this change:

The United States representative to the U.N. is making a move that goes against national law and President Obama’s position on gay marriage. Please call your Congressman or U.S. Senator and protest the U.S. delegation’s position.

U.N. Delegations are planning on adopting the CSW Resolution on HIV/AIDS. This document references “The International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS” as adopted by the Second International Consultation on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights, and as amended and endorsed at the Third International supported by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UNAIDS.

The HIV/AIDS and Human Rights International Guidelines have the following language included as referenced below:

30. (f) “Laws should also be enacted to ensure women’s reproductive and sexual rights, including the right of independent access to reproductive and STD health information and services and means of contraception, including safe and legal abortion and the freedom to choose among these, the right to determine number and spacing of children . . .”

30. (h) “Anti-discrimination and protective laws should be enacted to reduce human rights violations against men having sex with men . . . ”

30. (h) “. . . These measures should include providing penalties for vilification of people who engage in same-sex relationships, giving legal recognition to same sex marriages . . .”


Link to document:

If you want something copy-and-pasteable:

Dear Sen. Boxer -

I'm writing to ask you to please oppose the CSW Resolution on HIV/AIDS that the U.S. delegation to the U.N. plans to adopt.

Is this wording by the U.S. delegation approved by the United States? If so, then why is it bypassing our system of laws? This wording proposed by our delegation to the U.N. goes against our own country’s laws, and its mission to endorse/promote abortions and gay marriage on a global scale go against my beliefs and those of many within the great state of California.

Furthermore, I think such a resolution goes beyond the scope of the power the U.N. should have. We should not have a global government that tells nations across the world what to do - and I certainly do not believe this bill is in harmony with America's current statutes.

Thank you for your time - I hope you are well.


(And yes, sending this to Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer did seem a little superfluous, seeing as they'll likely ignore it, but whatev. At least I raised my voice to my three politicians in Washington - and in less than three minutes, too. You can do it as well!)


Anonymous said...

The UN should mind its own business and just stick with sorting out military problems between nations.