Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marriage talk show to hit the Web waves Thursday at 2 p.m.

Attention all marriage fans!

Are you interested in engaging your pro-family senses in brand new, audible fashion?

If you support traditional marriage and like talk radio, then you'll LOVE "Voice of the Nation," a new family values blog talk radio show that debuts THURSDAY at 2 p.m. Pacific / 5 p.m. Eastern.

Hosted by United Families International (UFI) Media Director Drew Conrad and my extraordinary blogging buddy Beetle Blogger (a.k.a. Angela, director of DNA), the hour-long weekly show will focus on promoting marriage, life, family and freedom.

Thursday's show will discuss same-sex marriage initiatives that are taking root across the country as well as summarize the recent happenings regarding the assault on the family at the UN.

UFI International Policy Director, Laura Knaperek, who was one of several UFI representatives at the UN during CSW, will be a guest on the show. Prior to joining UFI, Mrs. Knaperek served in the Arizona State Legislature for ten years. During her tenure as a State Representative, she established herself as an advocate for children, families and the disabled.

To listen to the show, CLICK HERE. More info is available on their homepage as well. If you like what you hear, be sure to become a fan on Facebook.

I'll be adding their badge to our blog (once I figure out those thingamajiggers... Hizzeather always did that high-tech stuff for me, lol. For a digital media professional, I'm not nearly as tech-savvy as I ought to be.).

(And I think that takes the cake for my most link-laden post EVER. *whew!*)