Monday, December 8, 2008

A Different Marriage Protest

Another protest at the LDS Temple in Manhattan...

Ryan Simmons
2008 New York, New York Stake Film Festival winner.
Filmed and Edited by Collin Mapp.

I love to laugh, and I laugh a lot. But I haven't been able to laugh at Prop 8 stuff. It's too important of an issue, and it hits too close to home. That's why I am so surprised that I laughed so hard at this little gem. It's a nice comic relief...our LDS audience will especially appreciate it!


Christa Jeanne said...

Hahahaha, such a winner!!! I love that guy - he's freaking hilarious! We were at BYU at the same time - I didn't know him, but some of my friends did, so I saw him around campus, and I've seen him in some plays. Anyways, he's pretty danged talented - so happy to see he's living it up in New York (and still all kinds of hilarious)!

MrsWaltz said...

I don't think I get it. Anyone care to explain the joke? I could use a laugh.

the.rainbow.reclaimed said...

Favorite sign:

Families Can Be Whenever

Other favorite sign:
Yes on D8

Watched it three times. Laughed so hard. Thank you. I'm going to watch it again.

Christa Jeanne said...

MrsWaltz - when you're LDS and unmarried from the age of 18-31, instead of attending a congregation with families and people of all ages, you attend a "singles ward" that's all fellow singletons like yourself (the intent being that you'll marry off by all being together, but it's also really great to be surrounded by people in the same phase of life, more or less).

Well, the joke is that there's pressure when you're in your later 20s to get married, so still being single is something we lament, hence why Ryan is freaking out about how he, too, can't get married - not because he isn't willing, but beccause he can't get a gal to marry him.

MrsWaltz said...

I'll take your word for it that that makes it funny, I guess. Your explanation made me kind of sad, but I think that's likely because I don't have the same background. Thanks for explaining, though.