Monday, December 15, 2008

Steve Lopez column: A life thrown into turmoil by Prop. 8 donation

The well-known L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez may have opposed Prop. 8, but even he sees the insanity of the No on 8'er backlash as evidenced in the case of Margie Christofferson of El Coyote.

Check out his column, "A life thrown into turmoil by $100 donation to Prop. 8," to get the latest on the El Coyote situation.

Here's a teaser:

Margie Christoffersen didn't make it very far into our conversation before she cracked. Chest heaving, tears streaming, she reached for her husband Wayne's
hand and then mine, squeezing as if she'd never let go.

"I've almost had a nervous breakdown. It's been the worst thing that's ever happened to me," she sobbed as curious patrons at a Farmers Market coffee shop looked on, wondering what calamity had visited this poor woman who's an honest 6 feet tall, with hair as blond as the sun.

Well, Christoffersen was a manager at El Coyote, the Beverly Boulevard landmark restaurant that's always had throngs of customers waiting to get inside. Many of them were gay, and Christoffersen, a devout Mormon, donated $100 in support of Proposition 8, the successful November ballot initiative that banned gay marriage.

She never advertised her politics or religion in the restaurant, but last month her donation showed up on lists of "for" and "against" donors. And El Coyote became a target.A boycott was organized on the Internet, with activists trashing El Coyote on restaurant review sites. Then came throngs of protesters, some of them shouting "shame on you" at customers. The police arrived in riot gear one night to quell the angry mob.

The mob left, but so did the customers.


Dee said...

I'm glad people are finally starting to recognize the volatile activists for what they are.