Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LDS leaders discuss Christ's return

My apologies for this non-Prop. 8 post, but recognizing that much of our readership is composed of Latter-day Saints, I wanted to share this video with others of my faith.

Hizzeather posted this video on her blog, and it brought me to tears. Not just misty-eyed tears - no, no, I was so touched, I sobbed silently and briefly in my little cubicle, watching this.

Which isn't really that rare, nowadays. I didn't used to be a cryer with spiritual things, but oh boy, am I ever now! I feel like a leaky faucet. Oh well.

What an honor, a privilege and a daunting responsibility it is to be among those prepared to be here, now, when and where the Lord needs us. How grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the light it brings into my life and for the wise leaders we have who can help us navigate through an ever-darkening world.

The Prop. 8 experience really strengthened my testimony of our inspired leadership and of so many prophecies that have been fulfilled in the last few months. I feel that it was one major battle in a war that will continue to wage between the faithful and the faithless, the religious and the anti-religious.

May we all band together - the believers of all sects, denominations and faiths - as we share strength in our common beliefs. Christ's return is at the pinnacle of every Christian faith, and we all share those Biblical prophecies that highlight signs of the times that we see all around us. It is not a season for fear, but for faith, for strength, for courage and serenity.

For more information go to http://whatisprop8.com