Sunday, November 2, 2008

Countdown: Two Days

After church tonight, I headed over to my parents' house, where I walked in to find them watching Miracle, the fabulous Kurt Russell film that retells the story of the US hockey team upsetting the Russians to get the gold in the 1980 Olympics.

The scene below is about where the movie was when I came in - and I felt it applied to what we face in the next two days (if you're pressed for time, start the clip at 1:15 in):

Okay, so it doesn't fit the scenario precisely - but what I want to convey is hope. We've been hearing so many mixed messages. Yes on 8 is ahead. No on 8 is ahead. Honestly, it's so close, I don't trust any of the polls out there, at this point!

Fact of the matter is, in less than 50 hours, the election will be over. The ballots will be cast; the decision will be done.

Make these next 50 hours count, friends!

And remember, win or lose, this is one battle in a war that will last for the rest of our lives - no, not a war against the gays, lest anyone misread what I'm saying. It's a fight for traditional values, a fight for standing up for what we believe.

Prop. 8 will come and go, but win or lose, I hope we will continue the momentum we've gained and the conviction we have for speaking out, standing firm and doing what needs to be done to get our voices heard. 

Remember, in the words of the great Thomas Jefferson, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Another great Jefferson quote? 

"One man with courage is a majority."

Let's be that one man or one woman, friends!

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gender-matters-children-have-a-right-to-a-mom-and-a-dad-day-7 said...

christa jean! thank you so much for this post. i LOVE the video. and the quotes. they kind of made my night.

i'm doing a celebrate gender in parenting on my blog and anyone who wants to contribute is WELCOME. the more comments the better.