Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Singled out

So, do any of you remember the MTV show Singled Out?

That was a fun way of being singled out - unlike what's happening in this Facebook group I received:

Scott Eckern, Artistic Director of California Musical Theater, is unjustly being singled out and attacked for quietly supporting the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. We do not all agree on Prop 8, but decades of successful work in the theater have shown that Mr Eckern is a kind and accepting professional.

Still, there is a small but extremely vocal and assuming movement demanding that he be fired from his job because of his private choice of values, political opinion, and religion. It is imperative that no one in the United States of America be harrassed or intimited for their vote, or hunted out of their job for being different. He has been the focus of constant hate-mail and slanderous blogging for several weeks without being afforded the chance to speak. A protest has been planned to demand that Mr Eckern be fired from his job.

Mr Eckern donated an equal amount of money to a civil rights group and still he is being attacked. As a gesture of peace, help ease his burden by joining the group for the Support of Scott Eckern's Privacy and Right to Work. Furthermore, as an artist or a patron make known to him your interest to work at his theater and to see the shows he produces.

Please show your support by emailing on Mr. Eckern's behalf at cmt@calmt.com or visit www.californiamusicaltheater.com; a Facebook group for his support is online, if you want to join it - "Support Scott Eckern's Privacy and Right to Work."

Part of what makes America great is that we can vote our conscience and still abide peaceably with colleagues and friends of differing views. I'm sure this is one of hundreds or thousands of instances of discrimination against Yes on 8'ers from those who claim to extol "tolerance" and "equality."

Please help us make a difference - if you know of other similar support campaigns, please leave them as comments, and we'll post a roundup.

Thanks for your awesomeness!

For more information go to http://whatisprop8.com


gk risser said...

Thank You! There will never be civility if the civil are allowed to be bullied.