Thursday, November 20, 2008

What happened to the Mormon segment on Anderson Cooper?

I missed the first half-hour of Anderson Cooper last night, but my roommate said there was no mention of the LDS Church - and the part that I did catch was just about the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the case and some (ridiculous) quotes by Gavin Newsom.

So what does this mean for the much-hyped "Mormons pushed Prop. 8" segment?

Well, according to a poster on CougarBoard (and yes, I realize how "reliable" of a source that is), it's been rescheduled to Friday.

My Google searches haven't turned up any more reliable information - anyone know something I don't?

I'll let you know what I can find...

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IzeOfLight said...

Did you find out if they were ever going to give the Pro-8 side some time? Or just Newsom?