Saturday, November 15, 2008

Intimidation in action: El Coyote

I'm sure that some of you have heard about El Coyote Restaurant in L.A., which is currently being targeted by the gay community for supporting Prop. 8.

But let's clarify: that instance of "supporting Prop. 8" was the manager's personal donation of $100 to Yes on 8. It had nothing to do with the restaurant!

Anyways, if you want a full post on the issue, see BeetleBabee's post on El Coyote.

Meanwhile, here's a YouTube vid from the meeting where the restaurant owners gave free meals to the gay-rights activists so they can talk out the situation AND offered to donate $10,000 to two gay-rights groups.

Which, mind you, is 100 times what Marjorie's donation was to Yes on 8.

And it isn't enough for the gay-rights activists.

They want Marjorie to give $100 of her own money to repeal the amendment - and they won't let it go, either:

Such intimidation is reprehensible - and over a measly $100? Seriously?!

The gay community is acting unreasonably with this! They're enacting a witch hunt against Yes on 8'ers, and it's just. plain. wrong.

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FS Carrie said...

This doesn't seem very intimidating to me. It looks like she invited them to her restaurant for a discussion, and they had one. Other than one person saying 'you are not my friend,' no one is even raising their voice. But anyway, I think the person who raises the question just wants clarity that the owner is giving money to the glbt groups because she supports their right to marry, so he suggested a way she can do that. She chose not to. Big whoop.

Anonymous said...

because the reason the management invited them into lunch was because they were protesting outside the restaurant.

most of the comments are delivered calmly-- but what they are demanding is for margie to make a personal donation against her beliefs.

someone can be calm and insidiously intimidating at the same time.

sometimes, that's the worst kind of intimidation-- when someone hides violence behind quiet words.

Anonymous said...

The Gay / Lesbian crowd / mob is showing their true colors....again.

Do they really think that this is Tolerance?

FS Carrie said...

I dunno, dude. I don't know what's intimidating about asking someone for a donation when they appear to be rescinding their position. I think this is quite a stretch of 'intimidation.' Sorry, just don't buy it.

Dee said...

It's more peer pressure intimidation. Can you imagine the outrage if she had a group boycott a restaurant because the owner was gay? All you've got to do is turn the situation around and to see if they're behaving as hypocrites or not. They should respect her beliefs just as she respects theirs, end of story.

FS Carrie said...

If someone protested a restaurant for the owner being gay, and the owner invited them in and offered to give money to a charity supporting their religious beliefs, I would think the gay owner was crazy. Being gay is not anywhere near the same as choosing to vote against someone's rights. And the person asking her to donate is not attacking her-- he's responding to the fact that she appeared to be rescinding her opinion in some way.