Saturday, October 18, 2008

Agreeing to disagree

There's been much back-and-forth debate in the comments section lately. Some of the No on 8'ers have been really respectful and thoughtful in their comments, and I appreciate that. Others have been spiteful and attacking, and that detracts from the spirit of this blog. To them, I request the same tolerance, respect and understanding that they ask of us.

The intent of this blog is to provide information for our fellow Yes on 8'ers or to give undecided people a source of information and opinion as to why we support Proposition 8 - not to convince No on 8 people that they're wrong. Many, if not most, of us bloggers have close loved ones who are gay.

I've talked with one gay friend at length about Prop. 8, and ultimately, we have to agree to disagree. We come from vastly different perspectives on the issue - but, in the end, we also respect the other's view and appreciate that we can have enlightening conversations on the subject and still remain friends.

I know that I will never change his mind - nor would I even try! I respect his right to follow the dictates of his conscience. I love my gay friends, and I want every happiness for them. They're amazing, amazing people. But I, too, have the right to follow the dicates of my conscience, and I support Prop. 8 - on sociological grounds as well as religious reasons.

Please respect my right to this as well as that right of the other bloggers on here. The fight for tolerance and equality should extend to tolerance and equal voice for those of us favoring Prop. 8.

Meanwhile, I finally got a chance to watch Deb Stapley's wonderful video on YouTube - go check it out! While clicking around, I found this video by Jeff, an old friend of mine. Jeff joined the ranks of the marrieds a few years back and has a darling family. I wanted to share what he's said via YouTube about agreeing to disagree on Proposition 8, as it echoes some of my feelings:

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IzeOfLight said...

Aw! So good to see Fraz again--thanks for posting this. "Ready, go."

emily said...

this is an awesome post. i sort of engaged in the "heated" discussion. i'm sorry. i felt bad about that today. i wasn't really helping anything.

but you ladies are awesome.

this is a great post.