Monday, October 13, 2008

Stop Shopping!

Ok, so what does shopping have to do with Prop 8? Let me tell you. The following was an email sent to me by a close friend. After reading it I joined in the support and have contacted Urban Outfitters and decided to stop shopping at my FAVORITE stores until they decide to show equal support for Prop 8. Please take a moment to read the following and feel free to show your support by calling or emailing the contact below:

Hi everyone,

A family friend of mine was recently shopping in an Urban Outfitters store in Sacramento, Ca with her teenage son when they saw a t-shirt for sale that says: "I support same-sex marriage". To verify I called a retail store here in California and indeed they are selling the shirt. I asked if they are also selling any sort of t-shirt that supports traditional marriage and the manager said they are not. I have called Corporate to express my disappointment and I encourage everyone to do likewise. (UO online is not currently selling the shirt).

Here is their contact information:
To email click HERE.

Anthropologie and Free People are also part of the same company and all 3 target the youth/young adult population. I will not be shopping at their stores anymore and hope you will do likewise.

Yes on Prop 8!

Prop 8 Supporter


Amanda said...

LAME! i'm so disappointed. i emailed them for sure... thanks for letting us all know!

Zoey said...

I'm so happy to hear that my email is getting around. I was really disappointed after talking to UO but hope all the other emails and phone calls will encourage them to make a change. Thanks for posting this.

Some friends and I started a blog a few months ago:

It's great to see some more yes blogs out there. I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Aubrey said...

Thank you Zoey for all you are doing in support of Prop 8. We will also add your blog link to our site. YES on 8!

FS Carrie said...

this is very exciting. There is a UO near me. I will be picking up a shirt for sure!

Anonymous said...

I need your advice, please.

I don't want to support gay people, but my wife loves Ellen DeGeneres. I want to block the channel, but is that too extreme?

And what do you guys do about movies that the gay people are in?
Like Princess Diaries?
My daughter loves the movie, but the girl (Lily) it is a lesbian.

And my wife told me that my daughter said she wanted to marry her when she grows up. I don't want my daughter to be GAY!!

What do you guys suggest?
And do you guys sell yes on prop eight shoes?
I already have hats, shirts, pants, and wristbands.
But I really want to be decked out.

Christa Jeanne said...

donndoodatt, you're new to the blog, so first of all, welcome.

We aren't against gay people, however, so your tongue-in-cheek comments that portray Yes on 8'ers as intolerant bigots are unwelcomed here.

This blog is dedicated to providing news and thought-provoking opinion for Yes on 8'ers and for people who are still studying out the issue.

While we welcome dissenting opinions and a dialogue with No on 8'ers - I've enjoyed many a back-and-forth conversation with friends and strangers alike about this on here - we ask that comments remain civil. If your vote is a No vote, that is fine - you are completely entitled to your opinion, and thank goodness we live somewhere where things can be decided upon by the voice of the people.

Please read the post "Understanding our Differences" and the comments attached to it - I think that will explain what we're all about on this blog.

Bigotry and intolerance is not where our hearts are.

Oh, and Lily wasn't a lesbian. Remember, she has that flirtiness with the captain of the guard?

Anonsent said...

donndoodatt, bravo, bravo. You had me until you mentioned buying shoes. Christa ignore the troll, he is just baiting you guys. Classic.