Monday, October 20, 2008

Boycott School Tomorrow!

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There is an organized movement by many parents in California tomorrow to keep their kids home from school to protest the California Teachers' Association involvement in the anti-Prop 8 campaign. This is a really effective way to tell the teachers and schools that you don't support them in their efforts to indoctrinate your children with homosexuality. Ironically, that 1.25 million dollar contribution from teachers is probably going to pay for TV adds that call Prop 8 supporters' claims that children will taught homosexuality in schools "lies" and "scare tactics".

Many parents are choosing to fight back against the CTA for
donating over $1.25 million to the No on 8 campaign by excusing their
children from school tomorrow, October 21st. If you feel it is
appropriate, tell the school administrator that you will spend the day
teaching your child about the political process, democracy, and how
citizens standing up together can make a substantial difference in our
State’s governance against organizations like the CTA who try to
impose homosexuality upon the school system. Also, please donate
$35, $50, or $100 on that day to with the letters
“CTA” in the referral box – to send a clear message that the harder
the CTA pushes the harder they fall. Spread the word around to other
families in California! We have less than 24 hours to get the word
out. Go, go go!

Similarly, if you are a teacher, go to
to find out how to get a refund for your portion of the union dues
spent towards supporting No on 8. (if 3,333 teachers do this, it will
make the CTA donation completely null and void!)

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Anonymous said...

Watch video instructions detailing the actions required of you if you are register to vote online california. Watch here: (video 4 min)
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