Monday, October 20, 2008

Facebook considers our PreservingMarriage blog abusive?!

Well, friends, it looks like we've been reported as abusive by some Facebook users. That explains why every time I type in the blog URL on Facebook, I have to type in a captcha.

Hated on Facebook. I kind of feel like I've arrived in life, LoL.

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Hizzeather said...

I had to type a captcha when I promoted my personal blog too. They must be doing that for links due to all the spam.

That sucks that someone flagged you! But hey, now you have "battle wounds" I guess. :)

Christa Jeanne said...

Haha, no way! I say bring it! I think it's funny, honestly. Whatever. People can do what they want to - but it's so ironic that the tolerance-preaching No on 8 crowd doesn't seem to tolerate their opposition.

Elizabeth said...

I think it's just the blogspot. .com thing. I really don't think they are blocking endorsements of Proposition 8.