Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Desert Sun

The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California wants to know where all the Pro Prop 8 people are. This surprises me, because I happen to see us everywhere.

It says:

Why am I not seeing many personal displays of support for Proposition 8 around town? Please, “Yes on 8” people, stand up and let your community know how you feel.

Proudly plant that lawn sign so your gay neighbors will know you think their loving relationships are not equal to yours.

Happily sport that Pro-8 button so the gay people checking your groceries, serving your dinner and cleaning your house can know you view them as second-class citizens.

Firmly plant that sticker on your bumper so your church parking lot will still proclaim “Yes on 8” while you are inside listening to words of tolerance and love.

Really. Gay people want to know who you are.

Sure, you say it's nothing personal; it's a religious thing; it's about activist judges overturning the will of the people.

But c'mon, we all know what you are really thinking.

Why don't you Proposition 8 supporters display the courage of your convictions and say it to our faces?

David Lee Palm Springs

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LdsNana-AskMormon said...

I'm excited... I just bought "Yes on 8" t-shirts for my husband and myself.

Just go to and go to the "store"!

Also, I have my "Yes on Prop 8" sign in my front yard, and my next door neighbor has their "No o Prop 8". It is quite a visual.

We had YSA branch prayer at our home last night. Most all of them were struck by this division. We had a great discussion and passed out information, bumper stickers, etc.

Everyone here, is ready to go!