Thursday, October 16, 2008

California Teachers Association gives $1 million to No on Prop. 8

The Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert posted last night that the California Teacher's Association reported donating $1 million to the No on Prop. 8 efforts - a news tidbit that's echoed in the latest ad put out by the No on 8 campaign.

I think this is unfortunate for two reasons. One, what place do educators have in this discussion? Their job is to teach writing, reading, math, science - but they should leave the moral education to their parents, especially when it comes to teaching something controversial. Children are impressionable, and teachers carry a lot of weight. Parents shouldn't have to deprogram their children when they come home! It's confusing for children, getting conflicting lessons from teachers and parents.

Furthermore, that $1 million is presumably money that is not going to help California school children - the intended audience of those membership dues and donations from its 340,000+ members.

While digging for more than a sentence of info, I found this insightful post on the blog Views from the Crow's Nest. I hope its author won't mind me sharing it with you - please take the time to visit his blog and read the great cache of Prop. 8 posts he's written.

Yesterday's campaign finance report from the No on Proposition 8 campaign is startling.

The California Teacher's Association donated $1 million to the campaign. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars already pumped in to the campaign by the CTA in the last few months.

Opponents of Proposition 8 claim that it's all lies when we warn that your children will be indoctrinated about same-sex marriage and homosexuality. They claim that you'll be able to opt your child out of class when same-sex marriage is taught or discussed. But we know that the judiciary is actively promoting the homosexual agenda by their overturning Proposition 22 this year. And case law shows that parents are losing their rights as well.

Last week the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of a father in
Massachusetts who tried to opt his kindergarten child out of a classroom discussion about homosexuality. A lower court ruled that parents had no right to be notified when such discussions take place, nor will the children be allowed to opt out of the class.

If this is happening in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage is legal, it will happen in California.

With the help of the powerful CTA the homosexual agenda will be pushed in every classroom. Parents will be helpless to protect their children-because the government and judiciary have banned them from doing so!

These are not lies, or scare tactics-this is the truth because it's already happening.

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Chino Blanco said...

I'm getting tired of seeing these Mormon spambots everywhere.

Anytime you see, you know it's coming from a member of the LDS church.

Head over and check out “How to Blog About Prop 8″ at

It’s basically a primer for Mormons on how to become Latter Day Spammers.

A quick check of the comments sections under the news articles that turn up from a search for Prop 8 terms reveals numerous drive-by comments with convoluted "Yes on 8 = tolerance" arguments and always accompanied by a link to ...

This approach reminds me of some of the stuff I saw getting tried during the Romney campaign. In the current campaign, I don’t think such tactics are well-suited for the target voters the Yes on 8 campaign needs if they’re going to actually win this thing. Californians who’d be persuaded by such obvious tactics are more than likely either not going to vote or are already planning to vote Yes.

Pomoprophet said...

As I california teacher I know that parents can pull their children from class WHENEVER they want and for WHATEVER reason.

You make it sound like a military state. Which of course its not. Hence the reason its a scare tactic. You want people to think "oh no! I wont be able to teach my child about morality or pull them from school if the gays get to marry!"

Christa Jeanne said...

Chino Blanco - I may be LDS, but I'm no "spambot." I have my thoughts and opinions independent of my faith, and I'm every bit as entitled to them as you are to yours. I respect everyone's right to believe as they may and to speak out, just as I'm doing with mine.

pomoprophet - Have you heard of the Parker case in Massachusetts? The courts ruled that the parents of a five-year-old had no right to learn what their son was being taught regarding gay marriage. It's a fact that that is happening. It's not a scare tactic.

Pomoprophet said...

Christa- Have you heard that CA is not MA? And parents have every right to know what their child is learning. Its called talking to the child. "Jonny what did you learn in school today?" And if they'd like to know ahead of time they can contact the teacher.

Christa Jeanne said...

I remember my dad saying he had to "deprogram" me from some of what I was taught at school - and that was just some of the school's spin on actual subjects!

I know that parents can (and most definitely should) keep up on their children's education. But again, I don't think educators should teach same-sex marriage to kindergarteners. I don't think they should deal with the topic until middle or high school (if at all, really).

Sure, CA isn't MA - but the fact is that this is happening elsewhere in the country, so it's not inconceivable that the courts could rule with the school over a parent's right to raise his or her child as he or she sees fit. It's not a "scare tactic" - and if four judges could overturn 61 percent of the popular vote, well, chances are they'll have no problems trampling on individual rights.

What about the rights of those of us who are religious, who are driven by our faiths and want to keep those values consistent? There is so little respect for religion in today's ever-secularizing world. I can see where it would be difficult for someone who isn't personally religious to understand where we come from - but it would be nice for them to try to "get it" just as we seek to see their perspective.

Tammy said...

Christa, I agree with you on that. what happened to our rights to express our religious beliefs? Pomoprophet.... the people of CA voted for this 8 years ago. It passed. 4 judges overturned that election result. I personally have a problem with that because they are taking away the democratic process and my vote from 8 years ago.

Anonsent said...

OK lets talk religion, being Lutheran, I disagree with church, church members, and other religions on this issue. I happen to believe that the Teachers on CA know this has more to do with Civil rights then anything and that is why they are supporting it. You can teach your children religion at home, as well as right from wrong, and if you think schools are interfering with that, send them to a church sponsored school. If the populous does not like what schools teach, then more church backed schools will open for your sheltered children.

Anonsent said...

Oh and Apple and Google and OU and other companies are supporting No on Prop 8, this should give you a greater hint. What companies are support Yes on 8?