Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Grade Class Taken To Gay Wedding

I got this story off of another Proposition 8 blog.

A first-rade class in San Francisco was taken to their lesbian teacher's wedding for a field trip. This is an example of our children being taught at school that same sex marriages are okay.

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FS Carrie said...

So don't sign the field trip form.

Jer said...

Here's another example of the left being "OK" while the right is constantly shot down.

When I was in high school, a music teacher at a nearby school was fired because the choir sang a song that had the line "Thank God for friends". Apparently, "God" is enough to get you fired.

My own choir teacher was later fired because she took us to a Baptist church on a trip to see their choir and organ. The trip, while sanctioned by parents with permission slips, was later deemed "inappropriate for students".

J said...

They are still taught that it is okay for them to do this. Two families did opt out, but then their children were sad because they were left out.

FS Carrie said...

yep, I'd be sad too. Sounds like a fun field trip!

Anonymous said...

That teacher should be FIRED.

If my kid were in that school, I'd have them pulled out.

I'd rather have them stupid than think gay people are acceptable.

Christa Jeanne said...

donndoodatt, you're new to the blog, so first of all, welcome.

We aren't against gay people, however, so your tongue-in-cheek comments that portray Yes on 8'ers as intolerant bigots are unwelcomed here.

This blog is dedicated to providing news and thought-provoking opinion for Yes on 8'ers and for people who are still studying out the issue.

While we welcome dissenting opinions and a dialogue with No on 8'ers - I've enjoyed many a back-and-forth conversation with friends and strangers alike about this on here - we ask that comments remain civil. If your vote is a No vote, that is fine - you are completely entitled to your opinion, and thank goodness we live somewhere where things can be decided upon by the voice of the people.

So if you want to discuss, let's. But please remember that just as you preach how the Yes on 8 people are being intolerant, you, too, are being intolerant of people who have a different view on the issue.

Please read the post "Understanding our Differences" and the comments attached to it - I think that will explain what we're all about on this blog.

Bigotry and intolerance is not where our hearts are.

Anonsent said... is tolerance! I don't here any hate filled commentary from No on 8er's. Way to make your side look way ignorant, not saying that people like Christa are, she is actually smart, but you don't help the cause. The other side is going to use that against people that are at least trying to win Prop 8 the right way.