Monday, October 20, 2008

New Yes on 8 Ad needs your help

Hey, all -

With only 14 days until the election, it's crunch time.

Has anyone noticed the recent lack of Yes on Prop. 8 ads on TV and the radio - while the No campaign's endorsement-filled ad seems to be everywhere?

This is a new ad to be aired on TV for Yes on Prop. 8. Protect is asking supporters to make an emergency contribution so they can buy more air time to show this ad. See the video below, and donate if you can - you can give any amount you want.


In fact, the No on 8 campaign is raising money at an unprecedented pace. They have collected $3.7 million in the past week, and secured pledges of an additional $4 million.

Our media buyers have determined that the No on 8 campaign will be able to spend 1.4 million more on television ads this week than our campaign can afford to spend.

That means that our powerful new ad featuring Robb and Robin Wirthlin may get drowned out by No on 8 ads claiming we are lying when we warn voters that gay marriage will be taught in public schools unless Proposition 8 is passed.

We cannot let this happen. Polls show that Prop. 8 is ahead by a margin of 48% Yes to 45% No (CBS/Survey USA poll taken 10/15) but if we are outspent by $1.4 million this week, our lead will vanish and we will be in grave danger of losing the campaign.

Let's help keep Robb and Robin's ad on the air!

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Reuven said...

If you are a Christian, please see the message by Reverend Joe Baytzim