Friday, October 31, 2008

Orange County teachers reject CTA's anti-8 stance

The Orange County Register reports that some Orange County teachers are pushing against the CTA's No on 8 stance:

O.C. teachers push for Prop. 8, reject state union's stand
Grassroots group slams the state teachers union for fighting the measure, saying it should focus on less divisive, education-oriented issues.

The Orange County Register

Teachers across Orange County have launched a grassroots effort to show support for Proposition 8 and their anger over the state teachers union's decision to spend
$1.25 million to fight an initiative that would define marriage as being only between a man and woman.

"I'm tired of having them suggest all teachers support it," said Jeff McPherson, 43, a sixth-grade teacher at Parkview Elementary School in Garden Grove. "I know not all teachers support it."

"They've always endorsed candidates and issues, but we have so many problems in education and all that money should be funneled toward protecting class sizes and teachers' jobs," said Chris McLaren, 57, a kindergarten teacher at Chaparral Elementary School in Ladera Ranch. "Many teachers at my school are looking at getting pink-slipped for the fourth year in a row."
Click here to read the entire story, leave comments, etc. It's really important that we comment on the (all too rare) positive stories!!! It gives the editorial staff a clue as to the reality that there is a lot of support out there for Prop. 8, despite the very vocal No faction.

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sweat, tears, or the sea: prop 8 edition said...

i posted this on my blog, but i thought you might want to post about it as well:

1. In Brazil, the senate is considering a law which would imprison anyone for saying homosexuality is wrong:

2. This article goes through studies to show:

a. same-gender relationships show statistically higher rates of abuse and violence

b. same-gender relationships (especially long term) have higher rates of disease (including but not limited to AIDS)

c. same-gender couples (on average) do not practice monogamy as part of their relationship (ex: even in committed relationships partners have multiple sex partners). And in places where civil unions or marriage (netherlands) is possible, they are less likely to take advantage of these benefits than heterosexual couples. And when I say less likely i mean by a huge percentage.

Aubrey said...

Way to go Mindy Hawkins!!!

Anonymous said...

Do You See 5-Year-Olds Signing Cards To Be Allies To Heterosexual Practices??

Why Are They Signing Cards For Homosexual Practices IN SCHOOL?

Save Our Kid’s Childhood. Vote YES! Prop. 8

See this why:,2933,445865,00.html

Michelle said...

It wasn't for homosexual "practices" it was saying they weren't going to harass gay people!

Do you really think that's bad? Honestly?

You can't "save" your kid's childhood by not telling them about gay people. They're going to figure it out anyway. Just like they're going to hear about sex from their friends, as well as other "bad things".

Save our kid's world view. Vote No! Prop 8.

Christa Jeanne said...

Michelle, I'm pretty sure kindergarteners don't even KNOW "anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) language or slurs" or would understand that they're witnessing "others ... using anti-LGBT language or harassing other students and actively support safer schools efforts."

Children at that age don't have an awareness of what it means to be "gay." So why should we single out the LGBT community to have kindergarteners not harass them?

Teach the principles of love, respect, compassion, understanding to children at that level. Save the specific groups for when the kids can understand what they're signing. It's like doing drug education for kindergarteners - they don't know what drugs are at that age.

It's not about "saving" childhood by keeping children ignorant - it's about parents having the control to teach their children in age-appropriate ways.

Also, I've always found that narrowing in on what makes us all different is far more divisive than focusing on what brings us all together - our basic humanity. It's like how all of the worse racial fights broke out during multicultural week at the high schools across town, so our school opted out of it. I know the Left loves promoting "diversity" and all, but it's much more effective to focus on unity - and understanding for our differences.

And, again, does this prove the point that the Yes on 8 campaign is telling the truth when they said it'll be discussed in the schools - AND that parents don't get notification or have to sign a permission slip?