Monday, October 27, 2008

Faceless donors? I think not!

I always skim the site traffic feed to see if people are coming in or leaving to sites I haven't heard of yet.

Tonight, one caught my eye:

Yes on 8 site, right?


This site looks like a pro-8 site, but it feels more like a witchhunt for LDS donors to the Yes on 8 cause, with a spreadsheet noting donor names, locations and amounts.

Now, mind you, as a former journalist, I know that campaign finance and donation records are, in fact, public domain - but, still, something about this reminds me more of a witchhunt.

LDS or not, it is their right to donate where their beliefs pull them.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I did, in fact, start skimming the list through the names of donors in my hometowns.

You know what I found?

The names of my friends' parents. My uncle. My old dentist. The families I babysat for as a teenager. My old church leaders.

To someone else, this might read like just a laundry list of names.

But to me?

It's a list of people whose stories I know, who have personally made a huge impact on my life - if not by their own influence, then most certainly by that of their children.

I'll take those kind of donors over Hollywood celebrities any day!

And while I am appalled that someone is putting these names out there for public display in a spirit of mocking and scorn, I also feel truly humbled and honored to know such amazing people who are willing to step up and put their money where their mouths - and hearts - are.

I may not have the means to give like these amazing men and women have so selflessly done - but at least I can give the gift of my time for a cause in which I believe.

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