Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Opposing Democracy (From Judges to Vandals)

Here is a great post about Prop 8 Vandalism from the California Marriage Defense Blog.

There is a sad aspect to many of the tactics used by the groups who try to end traditional marriage: A hostility to Democratic processes. The idea of actually voting on something, or heaven forbid, going through a legitimate Constitutional process to advance their position is anathema. Instead, they seek to impose their views on the rest of society by appealing to left-leaning judges who are more than happy to substitute their own political judgement for that of the populace. What does this say about the future of a written Constitution?

In league with the liberal elite are the outrageous hatemongers who are trampling the very Constitution they want to claim gives the right to gay couples to marry. I have never had a political sign destroyed in my front yard, and in broad daylight for that matter. Yet now, I find myself being intimidated in my Constitutional freedoms by the very people who are screaming "Rights!" The hypocrisy astounds me.

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