Friday, October 10, 2008

Prop. 8 reportedly takes the lead in a new poll (and other news for Friday morning)

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Good news! According to, a recent poll by San Francisco's CBS 5 shows support for Prop. 8 taking the lead:

Yes on 8 is leading the race, 47% Yes to 42% No, with 10% undecided, according to a new CBS 5 (San Francisco) poll. That is up 3% for Yes and down 7% for No since September 25th - a total of a 10% gain for Yes. On September 25th, CBS 5's poll showed the race at 44% Yes to 49% No, with 7% undecided. Yes on 8 is attributing the gain to their first television ad, which was released last
week, and to their massive door to door campaign.

The ad features footage of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom arrogantly speaking of gay marriage, declaring to Californians, "The door's wide open now. It's gonna happen, whether you like it or not!" The ad goes on to remind voters that gay marriage was imposed on California by a narrowly divided California Supreme Court overturning the vote of over 4 million Californians who overwhelmingly passed Proposition 22.

"We are thrilled with the new polling data. It confirms what we have heard from thousands of supporters," said Yes on 8 Campaign Co-Manager Frank Schubert. "The ad that is running is powerful and provocative. Not only does it show the arrogance of those who would impose same-sex marriage on California whether we like it or not, but it also shows that voters are beginning to understand there are consequences to all Californians if same-sex marriage is legalized. The ad talks about how people can be sued over their personal beliefs and, most importantly, that gay marriage is going to be taught to children in public schools. Those are real consequences, and voters are concerned about them."

The ad began airing statewide in all television markets last week. Copies of the ad are available on the website or by calling the campaign at (916) 446-2956.
In other news, the L.A. Times reports about YouTube videos for Prop. 8 - including this one:

And, finally, CitizenLink has a great article by judicial analyst Bruce Hausknecht that answers the question "Does same-sex 'marriage' affect my marriage?" Here's a sample - please go click on the article so they can see the support via page views:
A church that holds a biblically orthodox view of marriage and sexuality could lose its tax-exempt status as a result of the recognition of special rights for one sexual behavior.

The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a New Jersey United Methodist organization, lost part of its property tax-exemption for refusing to allow a same-sex civil union ceremony to be conducted on its property. Additionally, it is being investigated and charged with violating the state's nondiscrimination statutes. The church is still locked in litigation. And if you thought statutory "religious exemptions" would protect churches, forget it. New Jersey has one, and it hasn't stopped the government persecution of this church.

Parents are losing the right to oversee/direct the sexual education of their children in states like Massachusetts, where same-sex "marriage" is recognized as the moral equivalent to natural marriage.

The Parker and Wirthlin families in Massachusetts lost a federal lawsuit in 2008 when they asked to be informed when the teacher was going to address issues of sex and family. They were rudely informed by not one but two federal courts that any parental rights stopped at the schoolhouse door. Their right to control their children's moral upbringing did not supersede the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts. In the words of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: "Given that Massachusetts has recognized gay marriage under its state constitution, it is entirely rational for its schools to educate their students regarding that recognition."

The two children involved in the suit attended kindergarten and first grade. The gist of the state's argument, with which the court agreed, is that the earlier the state can indoctrinate our kids, the less likely that the values (the court called them "attitudes and stereotypes" of course) taught at home can corrupt them. Think about that for a moment.
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